Having created this good concluding words website for something I am passionate about, I also felt I would take the opportunity to put in current information of something else I am more passionate about a�� my family.

Deepika – fast essay writer She is at a high point in her career right now as Executive Vice President and Country Director of Li & Fung’s India operations. She continues to push herself to take on more responsibility and excel at her job. Her contribution to her company is greatly appreciated and her presentation skills have somewhat become legendary!

On the home front, she is as involved with the day to day happenings of the entire family as anybody can be inspite her hectic travel schedule.

Suneira – Suneira is away at Cambridge University pursuing an MBA at the Judge Business School. Between quitting her job and joining Cambridge she was home for 6 months and this spoilt us! Now she is immensely misseda��

During the 6 months she was home, she decided to attempt a long awaited ambition of climbing Mt. Kilimanjaro. She achieved this on the 12th of June during her month long trip to Africa.

Karnavir – Tembo is determined to do very well in his 10th grade Cambridge board exams and is putting in the efforts. His golf has had to take a backseat for the time being.

He is now 15 years old and almost as tall as me (6’4″)a�� When he chooses to dress smart, he is a complete heart breaker!!

Papa – Turned 75 last year and we were fortunate enough to celebrate this occasion with an awesome family cruise in the Mediterranean. He continues to write books and papers on diplomacy and is teaching/lecturing on the subject across the globe.

Who could have imagined he would be more active after retirement than ever before (touch wood!). His clear thinking work is appreciated and acknowledged by institutes and governments all over the world.

Mom – Just turned 70 and she really enjoyed the surprise party we had for her! She loves being in Mt. Abu as much as possible and goes to her peaceful retreat at the drop of a hata��

She is still the guiding force behind the family and is ever ready to help out in her sweet gentle way whenever needed.

Priya – Seems to have found her calling with her new job at City DeLuxe magazine. But, being in the publishing business she still works insane hours.

Enzo – This little boy is now 4 years old and still a bag of mischief! He continues to bring immense joy into our lives. His friendly and playful nature is still unmatched amongst any dog I have ever seen.

He is completely Tembo’s follower and is satisfied in just being around him.

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